Chartered Accountants


Our Assurance practice provides high quality, independent audit services that transcend beyond conventional financial reporting. We invest time and effort to understand the client’s business and needs and identify the key drivers, risks, and opportunities. A comprehensive review of audit engagement helps to assure you of your business scenario. 

Refined over the years, we deploy robust audit methodologies and bring in decades of insightful experience. We employ people development programs to stay abreast of key issues, global best practices and latest technical updates (be it Accounting Standards or government notifications). 

Our independent opinions, strong competency, and value-addition approach make us highly respected by our clientele, who range from SMEs to Public Companies. Our philosophy, principles, and values are so strongly weaved in our cultural fabric that our beliefs are shared amongst all and which helps us earn our client’s trust and respect. 

All business organizations ranging from Corporate to Proprietorship are required to comply with a number of income tax compliances, which are mostly time-bound and technical in nature. There is no doubt than Indian Direct Taxation Laws are complex and it is for that compliance of income tax provisions that require expert knowledge and experience. We provide Time-bound and quality services to our clients. Our span of Income Tax services covers all aspects of Indian Income Tax Laws. Our services help our clients to operate efficiently and meet their tax liability and other compliances. Businesses increasingly find it difficult to keep up to the myriad and abstruse taxation system. 

Goods & Services Tax is the most common applicable form of indirect taxes on business organizations. Despite the claims of simplification and reforms carried out in the past few years, the prevailing Indirect tax regime in India still remains very complex and thus requires, careful upfront analysis of the tax costs involved in any transaction¸ proper accounting, documentation and filing compliances and constantly explore opportunities for tax optimization.

Our value-added offerings of various Advisory services including Accounting, Financial, Transaction, Corporate Advisory, Training, and Management Consulting enable our clients to run their businesses ingeniously and benefit from astute insights generated.