Trust SSR to implement all aspects of the supply chain solutions for a hassle free, cost effective and modern Agile experience.

From Solution Design to Configurations, from Testing to Automation, from defining Operational Practices to Active PlayBooks, from providing basic User to Advanced level System Training, we have got you all covered

SCM Techno Functional Services

  • Vendor Evaluation – Solution Identifications

  • Configuration Management

  • Optimization- Routing, Wave, Labor, Consolidation, Inventory, Slotting

  • Consolidation Study, Dispatch, PrivateFleet, Rail, Ocean, International Enablement

  • Extensions- Design, Develop, Test

  • Manhattan Associates suites of platform expertise

DC/Facility Rollout

  • CRP & POCs- Critical Flows

  • Rollout- Lead, Plan, Design, Test

  • Enabling ECommerce sites & DCs

  • SDN deployments, System and Infrastructure upgrades

Value Added Services

  • Improving Warehouse Operational efficiencies

  • Logistics Transportation- Planning & Execution

  • Retail Order Management & Fulfillment

  • Basic and Advance users System Training.