System Integrations is one of the key strengths of SSR.

Over many years of experience, our team has resolved a variety of Integration challenges faced by the customers, adopted a unique approach ensuring effective integration between systems, seamless flow of data, and avoiding all the troubles of hardwiring proactively.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Automated Integration

  • Host to TMS, WMS, OMS Integration

  • Manh WMS Products- WMOS, I-Series platform, Scale, Manh Active WMS

  • MHE Integration

  • Interface- Data Translations, Transformation, Setup

  • Gateway Integrations

EDI Gateway

  • API Gateway

  • MQ/JMS

  • Kafka Topic

Third-Party Integration

  • Custom APIs

  • Carrier Integration

  • Oracle APEX Data Integration- WMOS

  • APEX tool- Resolve WMOS routing invoice issues

  • Salesforce

  • Workday

  • PeopleNet Fleet Manager

  • FourKites