SCM Product - Selection

SSR helps customers to choose the perfect Solutions & Vendors by clearly defining the needs and mapping them according to industry trends.

Our team formulates the bidding process, scope of work, criteria, evaluates vendor backgrounds, core competencies and facilitates the finalization of Vendor selections in a most effective manner for the entire RFP/Selection process.

Capture Requirements & Evaluation

  • Capture and Analyze key requirements

  • Educating customer with the industry comparison

  • Evaluate and weigh the Pros & Cons

Enabling RFP Process

  • Vendor research based on drafted requirements

  • Recommend the vendors for evaluation

  • Detailed Request of Proposal(RFP)

Facilitate Vendor Selection

  • Analyze all the inquiries

  • Examine thoroughly services offered at the price

  • Facilitates the selection of best fit to meet customer requirements